Michael & John rubin 

                                                 Michael & John rubin 


Before brothers John and Mike Rubin opened the doors to Rubin Law Firm in Austin, they formulated and refined the firm’s fundamental guiding principle and core philosophy into six words:

Attention to You. Attention to Detail.



To guarantee strict adherence to our core philosophy, this firm was designed from the ground up to operate as a fully functioning law firm without the need for any legal secretaries, legal assistants, or paralegals. Each of our attorneys is dedicated to personally answering each one of your phone calls and emails, ensuring that all questions, issues, or concerns you have are addressed in a timely, honest, trustworthy and reliable manner.

By placing such a high premium on direct and open lines of communication with each of our clients, we can focus our attention on you and the details of your case while keeping you informed of any legal concerns, as well as your options, and a realistic assessment of your likelihood of success.

At Rubin Law Firm, our attorneys understand the stress and anxiety that accompany unresolved legal matters, and we have dedicated our entire practice to easing those concerns by providing you with direct and open lines of communication with your attorney—every step of the way.