When a loved one is needlessly lost as a result of the neglect of another, you may need assistance with the next steps.  Our experienced, compassionate lawyers will help you find ways to protect you rights and your future.

How we can help

We understand the many challenges that follow the accidental death of a loved one. The pain, the loss, the worry.  We work hard to help you regain stability and closure.  We take the time to listen, understand the specific details and needs, and find ways to protect your family.


In 2011, C.M.’s spouse died after a collision in Bastrop county when a truck negligently passed in a no-passing zone.  During this difficult time, the Rubin Law Firm provided guidance and compassion throughout C.M’s legal claim and obtained policy limits and death benefits for C.M. and her family.

  • Gross Recovery: $203,895.81 (combined policy limits and benefits)
  • Attorney’s Fees: $58,110.30 - reduced to assist family.
  • Attorneys Expenses: Waived all expenses in order to give clients a greater recovery.
  • Client Gross Recovery: $145,785.51


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