Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol is irresponsible and dangerous.  If you or a family member have been severely injured due to a drunk driver, contact one of our attorneys immediately to discuss your case. Injuries caused by drunk driving can be catastrophic and can lead to death.  The attorneys at the Rubin Law Firm pursue these cases aggressively to obtain the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled. 


▸ Injured by Drunk Driver causing head on collision - $300,000.00

  • R.L. and his family were driving home after school when a drunk driver crossed the center lane and hit R.L. and his family. The driver was arrested for a DWI and taken to jail. The force of the impact completely destroyed R.L's vehicle and caused the family severe injuries. Our attorneys were successful in securing the following settlement:

    • Gross Recovery: $300,000.00 (policy limits)
    • Attorney’s Fees: $100,000.00
    • Attorneys Expenses: $7,115.55
    • Client Gross Recovery: $192,884.45


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