We are local lawyers with 15 years of trial experience.  If you have been injured in an automobile collision, you may be entitled to financial restitution. 

Car accidents often result in serious injury or death.  Many times, the negligence or gross negligence of another driver is the proximate cause of such collisions.  Several factors can exacerbate the risk of a collision, including the speeds of the vehicles involved, weather conditions, and driver skill or impairment.  Whatever the situation, we have the experience to properly evaluate your case and will aggressively pursue your rights.

A driver's negligent acts can result from:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring Traffic Signs
  • Texting while Driving
  • Failing to Yield the ROW
  • Unlawful Turns
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Unsafe following Distances

What to do after an accident?

  • Call 911 and wait for the police and EMS to arrive. 
  • Take pictures of the vehicles. 
  • Get contact information of witnesses. 
  • Seek appropriate medical treatment. 
  • Avoid talking to the insurance company until you have spoken with an attorney. 


▸ Cab Driver Negligence - $100,000

  • Our client, T.W. was involved in a collision caused by a cab driver who unsafely crossed into T.W.’s lane. As a result of the collision, T.W.’s vehicle ran into a utility pole and he suffered severe injuries requiring surgery. T.W. was initially represented by another law firm who dropped his case when the cab company denied liability for the collision. T.W. then hired the Rubin Law Firm. The cab company’s position was based on the statement of the sole witness to the accident (and passenger in the cab) who stated that it was T.W. who was in the wrong lane. After a thorough cross-examination in deposition, the witness realized that it was the cab driver who had been in the wrong, not T.W., and completely changed his testimony. The cab company immediately settled the case:

    • Gross Recovery: $100,000.00
    • Attorneys Fee: $40,000.00
    • Attorneys Expenses: $3,791.77
    • Client Gross Recovery: $56,208.23

▸ Rear ended by Speeding Truck - $100,000

  • Our client,T.C. was sitting in traffic on FM 620 when a large GMC truck crashed into the back of her vehicle. The driver of the truck was operating at an excessive speed and crushed T.C.’s smaller vehicle. Immediately following the collision, T.C. was transported from the scene via EMS to the emergency room. T.C.’s suffered several injuries and had to undergo surgery. The attorneys at the Rubin Law Firm secured the following settlement:

    • Gross Recovery: $100,000.00
    • Attorneys Fee: $40,000.00
    • Attorneys Expenses: $1,814.89
    • Client Gross Recovery: $58,185.11

▸ T-bone Accident - $75,000

  • L.M. was driving home one day along Convict Hill Road in Austin, Travis County, Texas. As he approached the intersection of Convict Hill Road and Brush Country Road, the traffic light controlling his lane of travel was green. At the moment L.M. entered the intersection, a vehicle turned directly into his path and caused a T-Bone collision. As a result of the collision, L.M. broke his knee and had surgery to correct the damage. When L.M. presented his claim and medical bills to the insurance company for the driver that pulled out in front of him, the insurance company rejected his claim, and took the position that their insured had a protected green arrow.

  • After visiting different law firms, L.M. selected the Rubin Law Firm to represent him, as it was important to have each of his questions, phone calls, and emails answered directly by his lawyer. “They guided me through the whole process and encouraged me to go forward. They gave me hope when I was discouraged, and because of their efforts, hard work, and diligence they brought my case to a generous resolution.”

    • Gross Recovery: $75,000.00
    • Attorneys Fee: $25,000.00
    • Attorneys Expenses: $2,856.33
    • Client Gross Recovery: $47,143.67

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Source: TDOT