Many employers carry worker's compensation insurance which provides certain benefits if you are injured on the job.  In exchange for carrying workers’ compensation insurance, with little exception, state law provides protection to employers from being sued by their injured employees. This is a “no-fault” form of insurance wherein employees are not required to show that an act or omission by their employer was the proximate cause of their injuries in order to receive benefits. 

Employers without Workers' Compensation

A growing number of employers do not carry worker's compensation insurance, opening them up to the liability for injuries sustained by their employees while in the course and scope of employment.  However, injured employees must prove that their injury was the result of the employer’s negligence.  With years of experience in non-subscriber matters, our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise in such cases and will work hard to achieve the results that you deserve.

Third-Party Negligence

An on-the-job injury may also be the result of the negligence of an outside third-party.  For example, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of faulty equipment or a claim against another driver of a vehicle who caused an collision while you were on the job. In such situations, you may be entitled to compensation from more than one source. 

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