Car Collision

Police Officer J.J. and his two family members were driving southbound along the IH-35 access road near San Marcos, Texas when they were “T-Boned” by an SUV that had ran a red light.  Officer J.J. smashed his knee against the steering column, and watched as his family members were transported from the scene by EMS to the Emergency Room.  It would not be revealed until later that Officer J.J. suffered tears to his medial and lateral meniscus, which would require surgery and an extensive rehabilitation.  When Officer J.J. presented his claim and medical bills to the insurance company for the driver that ran the red light, the insurance company rejected his claim.  Officer J.J. knew then and there that he needed an attorney to protect him and his family.

Upon a recommendation from a friend, Officer J.J. called our law firm learned that he had direct access to his attorney from the first phone call to the last meeting and every step of the way in between.  It was an honor and a privilege to fight and win for Officer J.J. and his family.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the work you did for us and how well you took care of us.  I can’t say enough good things about you guys.”

Rear-ended by Drunk Driver

Austin Police Officer F.Z. was driving at night along IH-35 when he was rear-ended at highway speed by a Drunk Driver.  According to the test results, the Drunk Driver’s Blood-Alcohol Content was 0.24 – which is three times the legal limit.  This Drunk Driver also had an open bottle of Vodka that they drinking as they drove on the highway before crashing into Officer F.Z. and causing him to suffer neck and back injuries.

There is no excuse for drunk driving and injuring other drivers, and often, these collisions have far graver results.  Unfortunately, the insurance company for the drunk driver didn’t agree.

After filing the lawsuit and going through the main stages of litigation, the insurance company for the drunk driver changed their minds and quickly concluded the case.

“All I can say is that these guys are amazing at what they do.  You can immediately tell that they really care and that they are going to fight hard for you from start to finish.  I couldn’t be happier.”

Hit by Aggressive Drunk Driver

Police Officer K.A. was driving north along IH-35 when she spotted an aggressive driver in a sports car weaving in and out of the lanes behind her.  The aggressive driver eventually caught up to Officer K.A. and then bumped her front tire in an attempt to pass.  As a result, Officer K.A.’s vehicle rolled up the retaining wall and into a light pole that fell across all lanes on the highway.

Officer K.A. suffered neck and back injuries, along with headaches and tingling sensations in her arms and legs.  Officer K.A. went through months of physical therapy and rehabilitation before she was able to go back to work full time, and with the bills piling up, she knew she needed help.

Upon a recommendation from another Officer, we were hired to represent Officer K.A. and her family.  It was a pleasure and an honor to serve them.

“Thank you so much for everything you did for me!  I’ll never forget how comforting it was to know that you were taking care of everything so I could just concentrate on my family and my recovery.”

Injured by Drunk Driver in Construction Zone

Travis County Deputy J.V was working in a construction zone when a drunk driver hit the officer’s vehicle. The deputy sustained backs and neck injuries and incurred a medical bill totaling $5,000.  After hiring the Rubin Law Firm, our attorneys were able to recover Deputy J.V $37,500.

*Attorney fees $11,666.67 and Expenses $1,808.15*

Deputy Injured by Drunk Driver

Deputy K.T, from Williamson County, was on contract duty in a construction zone when a drunk driver hit him. The officer suffered neck and back injuries. The other party’s insurance offered K.T $9,600. After hiring our firm, our attorneys were able to settle his case for $175,000.

*Lawyers Fees $70,698.60 and Expenses $1,484.65*